Grove & Rufford Hunt

Hunting and shooting wildlife in England

If you ever asked yourself what are the best places in England for deer stalking, then we have the right answer for you. Deer stalking, you may better know it as deer hunting, is one of the most famous forms of hunting in England. A small place called Woburn, east of Bletchley is one of the places you can enjoy not only deer hunting, but also rabbit and pheasant hunting. Woburn Safari Park offers a wildlife you won't be able to see anywhere else in Great Britain, or even in the whole world.

Oakley is one of the places in England where you can enjoy pheasant shooting and also shooting other wild animal species and also go hound hunting. Not far from Oakley you will get to a place called Hemington. It is almost the best place for deer hunting I have ever seen, it's also great for drag and hound hunting. The nature is really amazing, the fresh air and the interesting forests will make you want to stay there forever. You can see and feel here the classic English nature and landscape in its full glory. Hemington is really one of the most interesting places for hunting in the Great Britain.

If you keep going in the same direction you went from Oakley to Hemington, you will not be able to miss Honiton. It is quite near the sea, so there are no hills. From Honiton all the way to the sea there is an area called The East Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The name says it all. The nature is untouched and beautiful, there are almost no houses, buildings and stuff like that. It is all pure nature with an outstanding wildlife.