Grove & Rufford Hunt

Hounds hunting

A fox or “hareing” will be stopped by the huntsman and whips, or occasionally by others specifically requested to do so by the Master A mounted or car/foot follower who finds himself alone with hunting hounds should stay with them and attend to safety considerations, particularly road crossings, and then await the arrival of the huntsman.

Followers who obey the above instructions will not commit any offence under the Act. Farmers and landowners commit an offence only if they knowingly allow illegal hunting on their land

As the Hunt is committed to engage only in legal hunting and Masters will request permission to come onto the land only for this purpose, it follows that by allowing the Hunt onto the land, they do not commit an offence, even if (which will not be the case) the Hunt were then to break the law by illegal hunting. Defra has confirmed that under no circumstance can entitlement to payments be affected, even were a landowner deliberately to commit an offence under the Act.

The Act permits the use of two hounds to flush a fox to be shot, and also the use of terriers under certain circumstances. The Hunt will be offering to help control foxes for as long as the Act is in force by these means, and farmers and landowners with a fox problem are invited to contact the Kennels.

Members and followers who hunt submit themselves to the authority of the Masters whose instructions, particularly with regard to avoiding damage to crops, must be followed. Farmers in the country who do not hunt regularly but would be interested either for themselves or their immediate family are invited to contact us. Car followers should pay a daily cap when requested or the ten compound car cap which also covers meet cards.