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The Grove & Rufford Hunt hunts in a country extending some 30 miles east to west and 40 miles north to south in Nottingham and South Yorkshire. It is bordered by the Trent to the East and the M1 to the West and extends from Newark to North of Doncaster.

In the light of the Hunting Act 2004, the hunt adopted a new objects clause for its constitution:

"The objects of the Hunt are: to breed and maintain a pack of foxhounds in order to hunt foxes with hounds; to assist in controlling the fox population in the Hunt country at a sustainable level; to engage in equestrian activities with hounds and otherwise; and to organise social events. These activities are to be conducted only as permitted under the laws of England."

Under the Hunting Act, hunting and control of foxes with hounds is only permitted under certain restricted circumstances, and the main activity of the hunt will be hunting an artificial fox based scent. All activities will be conducted in accordance with the law, and farmers and landowners who allow the hunt to cross their land will be fully protected. Further details can be found on this website.

There are some 38 couple of modern English hounds kennelled at Barnby Moor under the charge of Paul Larby who was appointed professional Huntsman in 2008. He was previously Huntsman of the Eggesford and the Meynell.

Hounds meet at 11am on Tuesdays and Saturdays during the season (beginning of November to mid March) with occasional Thursday meets. Autumn hunting starts at the beginning of September, early mornings on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Details of subscription rates and visitor's cap are on the site. Visitors are welcome by prior arrangement with the Secretary.

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