Grove & Rufford Hunt


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In the light of the Hunting Act 2004, the hunt adopted a new objects clause for its constitution

The objects of the Hunt are: to breed and maintain a pack of foxhounds in order to hunt foxes with hounds; to assist in controlling the fox population in the Hunt country at a sustainable level; to engage in equestrian activities with hounds and otherwise; and to organise social events. These activities are to be conducted only as permitted under the laws of England.

Under the Hunting Act, hunting and control of foxes with hounds is only permitted under certain restricted circumstances, and the main activity of the hunt will be hunting an artificial fox based scent. All activities will be conducted in accordance with the law, and farmers and landowners who allow the hunt to cross their land will be fully protected. Further details can be found on this website. The Opening Meet will be on Tuesday 25 October, the traditional start of the season, and thereafter hounds will meet as usual each Tuesday and Saturday at 11.00

There are some 38 couple of modern English hounds kennelled at Barnby Moor under the charge of Paul Larby who was appointed professional Huntsman in 2008 He was previously Huntsman of the Eggesford and the Meynell. Hounds meet at 11am on Tuesdays and Saturdays during the season (beginning of November to mid March) with occasional Thursday meets Autumn hunting starts at the beginning of September, early mornings on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Details of subscription rates and visitor's cap are on the site. Visitors are welcome by prior arrangement with the Secretary. At an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Grove & Rufford Hunt on 9 February 2005, the following was adopted. These activities are to be conducted only as permitted under the laws of England.

The Committee of the Hunt has issued the following clarification and guidance to assist farmers and landowners, mounted and foot followers and the police and public. They are basically unchanged from last year and the year before. Hounds will meet from early September for organised hound exercise each Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at 7am in September and 8am in October. Hounds will be exercised out of covert and lines will be laid in covert and through root and fodder crops.

It is important that members of the public realise that meets are for the purpose of legal hunting, and do not waste police time reporting supposed breaches of the Act. Hounds will hunt one or more lines which will be laid by nominated members of the Hunt under the control of Pete White, the “Line Master”. The intention is to make the hunting as natural as possible and to make hounds work, both to find the initial line and to follow it. As in traditional hunting, mounted followers should follow and take instructions from the field Master

Whilst acknowledging that the courts and not Defra will interpret the law, the Masters and Committee feel entitled to rely on this, which is in line with independent legal advice There are a number of important consequences for followers. Followers are spectators at the Hunt who have neither the knowledge to tell whether hounds are hunting a fox or the artificial line, nor the technical ability to stop hounds Hounds will become confused by “amateur” interference and are likely to do the opposite of what is intended.

Hunting for pleasure

Hunting is always something the older English people, but also the new generations, and people all around the world will find entertaining. It is a real pleasure to know that you can go in the wild and be able to use your skills to hunt animals and use them as food. But only a few people do that because of that. There is something else people enjoy while hunting that makes them do it again and start loving this sport.

Although there are certain species of wild animals that are forbidden to hunt, people take the risk and try their best to hunt those who are still legal. Fox hunting is one of the most common types of hunting that is generally banned in the United Kingdom. It is actually the traditional form that is banned. Scotland placed a law in 2002 that doesn't allow the traditional form of fox hunting, England and Wales did that in November 2004. But certain modified forms of fox hunting are still within the law, like fox hunting with hunting hounds. Shooting foxes as vermin is also still allowed.

It was not a problem for real hunting enthusiasts, because every real hunting lover already has a hound. For those who don't know what a hound is - it is a dog breed used for hunting. Rabbit and drag hunting are still legal in every form, during the hunting season, of course. But why is there a hunting season? It's there because in certain periods of the year different species of wild animals mate or raise their newborns. Hunting them in that periods of the year would affect their reproduction. That is something no one wants, especially hunters, because they would have far less animals to hunt. All other periods of the year are called hunting seasons.

Real hunters will always care about animals

If you are a hunter and you don't care about the seasons, but go hunting whenever you want, then you are not a hunter actually, you are an, I won't say the phrase, but I am sure you can imagine what it is because of the "an". As many other sports, hunting is quite famous in Britain, so you will find quite a lot agencies and organizations that offer hunting trips and vacations all over England and the whole Great Britain.

One form of hunting is legal in all forms and that is pheasant hunting. That little, or sometimes big, birds are quite famous among the hunters. They are usually shot down while flying, just like ducks. If you go to Britain to experience some of these interesting and quite amusing actions, you have to know that you can relax with many options after a long hunting day.

If you go deer hunting you have to be careful, because some forms are forbidden in some parts of Great Britain and others are not. Also, if you are taking your own equipment with you, make sure it's legal, because the Act doesn't allow you to hunt with every type of gun. I wish you a nice hunting season, England is for sure one of the places you can enjoy that period of the year.